Mobile Repair Services

Mobile Bicycle/ E-Bike Repair Service @ your call!



We offer service on the Northshore for a minimum of $150  & for those farther on the Southshore there is a $200 minimum of total service required.

We are happy to work on any make / model of Bicycle while providing an excellent and trouble free experince at any time!

We are certified techs for Aventon, Eunora, Onyx, Charge, Qualesports, Yamaha, Bosch, Rad, Lectric, Fuji, GT, Batch, Blix, Buzz, Flyer, Pedal, Velotric, and Vitus.  *Any Warranty claims on bikes not purchased from Brooks’ bike shop are not covered through the bike shop and must be paid by the customer.

Mobile Mechanic Phone: 985-237-3658

Give us a call to schedual a personalized mobile bicycle repair, and get back on the road!